Friday, December 9, 2011

How does the shiftronic transmission work in a Hyundai Tiburon?

I am looking at getting a Tiburon from Hyundai with the shiftronic transmision. I was wondering how this transmission works. I understand that the car will function like an automatic but I was wondering if the car autmatically shifts for you when you are using the shiftronic. Does it shift for you at a certain RPM level? An explanation would be greatly appreciated.|||The trans has 2 fully automatic and the other manual without the clutch. In manual mode you will see the + - signs which tell u whether u r are downshifting or up-shifting. When you are accelerating in manual mode, you will have to up-shift when the rev's get between 2500 and 5000rpm. If you r coming up to a corner and moving quickly , you can downshift twice, the revs will go up and the tires will grab, and you can whip around the corner quite nicely. When in manual mode and coming to a stop, you don't have to downshift as the transmission does it for you automatically. The benefits of having a transmission like this is for better control in adverse weather or cornering if you like to race. This car handles very well and is very fun to drive......enjoy it!!! Unless you drive for pleasure, you will always keep it in auto mode.|||GREAT ANSWER I HAVE A 2007 4cyl AUTO TIB AND ALL I DRIVE IN IS SHIFTRONIC ITS PRETTY COOL U GET THE SAME KICK AS A 5spd

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